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Date: Fri Aug 15 12:59:24 2003
Hi all,
       I've enjoyed all the comments and thought I'd add mine.. I live on a 
small city lot (70' X 120') I have a Tri-Ex LM-470D 70' motorized crankup tower 
in my back yard. When I wanted to install it almost 20 years ago (Pre PRB-1), 
I went to the town building inspector and told him what I wanted to do. He 
asked if there were any other "Ham antenna's" in the town I could show him.  
Well.. I have a neighbor who has a 90' Sky-needle with a stack of Telrex 
monobanders on it.. His lot a a little bigger than mine.. When The building 
looked at all the aluminum, he almost fell over.. I told him mine would be a 
bit smaller than this installation.. I then pointed to a car in the driveway.. 
The NY license plate started with "USJ" I asked him if he knew what that 
meant.. He said no.. I then told him the ham was a Federal Court Judge and if 
said no, he would have to answer to the Judge.. He looked at me and said go 
right ahead.. Put your tower up.. I did and have and many large antenna's over 
years. I now have a Force 12 C31XR at 72' and a Force 12 706 7 element 6 
meter beam 10' above. I usually leave the tower fully extended at 70' and only 
lower it when the weather is bad or I'm away for an extended period, and then I 
only drop it 20'

That was 19 years ago..

Last year a new neighbor come by and asks about the antenna.. I tell them 
what it is and he says he hears me on his TV.. That's odd, I tell him as I have 
not been active in the past 6 months.. He then tells me he's going to the town 
to complain about the antenna.. I told him it was here long before you moved 
in.. No one asked you to buy the house if you didn't like the antenna.. I have 
heard nothing..

So.. You never know what's going to happen..

Also.. Very few crankup towers fall from the base.. From what I've seen, most 
lose a section which either snaps and fold over or they collapse into them 
selves. Has anyone ever had or know of a crankup falling from the base??

73  Steve/K2WE  Dobbs Ferry, NY where hams are welcome if you can afford the 
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