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[TowerTalk] Rotator control refurb

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rotator control refurb
From: (Blake M. Meinecke)
Date: Sat Aug 16 10:29:54 2003
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From: "David Cook" <>

> So you can see where this is leading. I can design my own replacement
> rotator controller box, but as I said, I'm sure many hams have already
> this before, and probably thought of a lot of other ideas I haven't
> of yet. Thanks for any suggestions and/or pointers for more info on this.

Save yourself a bunch of work Dave, and get a ROTOR-EZ kit from Idiom Press.
Everything you described will be taken care of instantly, (well, in a couple
of hours that it takes to build the kit)

Not affiliated, etc.

Blake N4GI

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