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[TowerTalk] M2 OR2800 rotator in Rohn 25 tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] M2 OR2800 rotator in Rohn 25 tower
From: (steve sala)
Date: Sun Aug 17 00:42:19 2003
I am going to put my M2 rotator in the top section of
my tower.  The top section will be a regular Rohn 25
section with the flat top mini section that is about 2
feet tall and will have the thrust bearing in it.  Its
obvious that the rotator should be as low in the tower
as possible.  There are about 8 rungs that I can place
the rotator and rotator plate on in that section.  It
is also obvious that I will have to saw off one rung
at the location I want the rotator.  Does anyone have
a preference for the the rotator in that section?  As
low as possible?? That means just above the junction
of the top section and the one below it.  I will also
put an additional rotator plate above the rotator with
a sleeve so I can clamp the mast if the rotator has to
be removed.  Appreciate any comments on this proposal.
Steve K7AWB Spokane Valley

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