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[TowerTalk] best configuration for guyed tower?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] best configuration for guyed tower?
From: (David Giuliani)
Date: Sun Aug 17 05:10:24 2003
I'm building a new house in Mercer Island (Seattle area) that will have a
30' roof over two stories where I'd like to locate my antenna tower.  I
would like to place another 30' of tower above the roof, and can guy the
tower.  The layout is such that I can install the tower through the 2
stories.  I seem to have a few options:

1.  Buy 60' of tower (e.g. Rohn 25G) and install a few feet of it in
concrete, 30' in the 1st and 2nd stories, attach to roof truss, add a hinged
plate above the roof so I can lower the whole thing, and then the remaining
tower sections.  Good ground here.  Have to obtain at least the first
section or concrete base plate.

2.  Get 40' of wide flange I-beam stock, like W4x13, bury a couple of feet
in concrete, attach top to roof truss, weld plate above roofline to accept
hinge plate, etc.  Plenty of strength from small dimensioned steel I-beam;
good ground, and can readily accomplish with parts available in Seattle.  

3.  Get roof mount and attach directly to roof truss, add 4x4 wood running
to foundation below, ground with fat copper wire (like 000 or 0000).  Not as
great a ground, but cheaper and easier than above. 

4.  Locate the antenna away from the house.  Esthetically not as pleasing,
easier to install.  Can do it after house is built.  

Also, I'm looking at the Hazer elevator system, which seems pretty cool for
a guy who doesn't like to climb things as much anymore.  

- Rohn 25G a good choice?  Alternatives that might be more readily available
(I've heard Rohn doesn't make it anymore).  
- Best way to configure given the options I have?
- Hazer elevator system a good product?  Alternatives?  


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