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[TowerTalk] Help with antenna

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Help with antenna
From: (WA9ALS - John)
Date: Sun Aug 17 13:34:21 2003
> The first question to ask is what do you want to do?
> If you want to be a big gun, dx/contester on 10/15/20
> Go with the C-31. Second choise would be the Skyhawk
> If you want to have a good signal on 10/15/20 and still
> play on the WARC bands the TH-11 is a great choice.
> If so you might also want to look at the F-12 XR5.

I should've mention F:B.  The C31XR has such good gain and F:B, that I find
myself rotating it a fair amount during contests.  If it's on EU and a 100W
W6  or northern W7 calls me in Indiana, sometimes I will have to rotate to
get adequate reception.  Not always, because the southern W6s are more in
the back lobe.  However, for my overall contesting needs, one of the C-4
series might've been better.  It would've given me 40M and the F:B is not
quite as high, so maybe a little less rotating.  HOWEVER, when you hit the
pileups for a rare DX, an amp and the C31XR is guaranteed success!

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