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Subject: [TowerTalk] rohn 25G
From: (Jim Jarvis)
Date: Sun Aug 17 14:14:07 2003
Dan  (TT):  

Rohn still lists 25G on its website, and will sell it
in either 10' or 7' section lengths.  The latter is UPS
shippable.  Price for 10' was $89.

I suspect what they're doing is bypassing the dealer
network, and taking the margin themselves.  Hence, the
story that Rohn isn't selling it; dealers can't get it.

As for the proposal to hinge 25G at 30' might make
more sense to hinge it at the base, and use the house
bracket and base as mounting points for a pulley system. 

you'd want to calculate the load on your roof truss, 
before embarking on the adventure, of course.  

I recall seeing Rohn's catalog quoting 25 or 30' above
a house bracket as the safe unguyed height for 25g, with
a 2 sq. ft. antenna windload, in 70mph.  However, I no longer
have my Rohn commercial catalog, and am unsure.

I'd asked this question on this reflector a week or so back,
and had but one person echo my recollection.  

Rohn no longer makes foldover sections for 25g or 45g...too
many failed due to amateurs overloading them.  One of those
at 30' would work nicely.  I had one in my 45G in Vermont,
for three years.  Beware, though:  they're very heavy, and
the 45g was an assembly nightmare.  

There was an M.E. on here a couple weeks back, who compared
MA550 tubular strength to 12" triangular tower strength...
Sure would like to see that replayed.


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