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[TowerTalk] what beam to choose?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] what beam to choose?
From: (Jim Jarvis)
Date: Sun Aug 17 17:49:59 2003

I would suggest that you look very carefully at a 3 element
SteppIR yagi.  I've had one for about 18 months.  Spent one winter
in Vermont with it, and was exceptionally happy.

If you're a button pusher, you'll love it...there are either
more buttons to push, or fewer...if you get the radio interface
option, the antenna will track your transceiver.   

>From my perspective, compare the Skyhawk, C31XR and SteppIR...
and I believe a 3 el steppIR will equal the others on 10, 15 and
20, plus give you good 17 and 12 performance.   And ONLY the steppIR 
will let you flip direction 180 degrees in 2 or 3 seconds, or go 

It's hard to beat something that requires absolutely
no tuning when you put it up, because it's all remotely
controlled.  I assembled mine, and installed it on my tower in
an elapsed two hours.  

But I'm biased.  You should trust your own intuition after reading
the specs.  

Jim, N2EA


I am considering buying one of the following antennas: Skyhawk; Force 12
C31xr; Hy Gain TH11Dx; Mosley Super 33: or Sommer xp 807.  Can any of you
who have these antennas give me any input.  

I am what most Ham call a button pusher Ham.

So, I value your comments.


Jim N2EA

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