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[TowerTalk] digging and errecting a tower in Gumbo soil

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Subject: [TowerTalk] digging and errecting a tower in Gumbo soil
From: (Bob Gates)
Date: Mon Aug 18 12:01:59 2003
If it were me, I'd spend a few hundred dollars to get a soil core sample taken.
A good "dirt man" can tell you immediately if the soil is conducive to
installing the tower there.  Brings a lot of peace of mind, rather than worry.

  I have a friend that lives in Nebraska and has a new house. He wants to put
  up his 40 ft universal freestanding tower towards the back of his house lot
  where there seems to be a lot of Gumbo soil. In the warmest summer days, it
  like the soil cracks a lot quite a ways down, like maybe 6-10 inches. His
  question is should he be putting his tower there ever, even in a 4x4x5 hole?
  isnt looking for the leaning tower of pisa anytime soon. Whats the experience
  with this soil been on this group? Bring in better soil to fill it? Change the
  location? Thanks in advance. 73
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