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Date: Mon Aug 18 22:41:46 2003
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> Does anyone out there haveany experience with the above tower?  

    Sure - I've installed a bunch of them. 

>  I seem to be having some problems constructing the top section.
>  Question #1
>  How far down in section is the placement for the bearing plate and rotor
>  plate?

    The rotator plates mount either at the top of the section or 3-feet down. 
The plate angle brackets will only mount in one place so it shouldn't be too 
hard to figure out. 
>  Question #2  do the angles used for placing the plates correspond to any of
>  the holes for the braces?
    Yep. One end goes in an empty bolt hole and the other goes under a 
diagonal brace. There are longer bolts in the plate kit for that very purpose. 

>  Question #3  How much "field" drilling if any should there be for these
>  holes?
    You have to drill anything you use the plates for; i.e. rotator and 
thrust bearing. 

Steve     K7LXC
Champion Radio Products
Leading Trylon Titan dealer and expert in their installation 
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