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[TowerTalk] RE: Am I about to screw up?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] RE: Am I about to screw up?
From: (Mack McLaughlin)
Date: Mon Aug 18 23:02:52 2003

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Subject: Am I about to screw up?

I thought that I had a current Rohn catalog, but it turns out to be
around 1997 vintage.  Great.
I am in the process of installing a Rohn 25G bracketed tower of about 60
feet.  It will be bracketed against my house at around 23 and again at
43 feet (yes, I have a tall house).
However, the base section concerns me.  I purchased a short base section
(SB25G) which is 3'4" and was going to use this as my base section.  Is
this a problem?  I didn't have a drawing for it, so I used drawing
number A871298r1 and modified it for the short section instead of the
five foot section.    That means instead of the hole being 4 feet deep,
it is 36 inches deep, including the 6 inches of gravel for the drainage.
The soil is solid georgia clay.  
I was all set to pour concrete today...have the tower plumbed (I think)
and leveled and decided I'd better check with someone who knows.  Has
anyone used this setup before?
Comments?  Help? 
thank you.
Mack K4MIR

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