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[TowerTalk] ma 550 windload vs. Mast Height

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Subject: [TowerTalk] ma 550 windload vs. Mast Height
From: (Michael Hatzakis, Jr)
Date: Tue Aug 19 10:15:22 2003
I would also like to hear more about this, although I recall a thread on this 
matter a little while back.  
I've got my steppir at 65' and dipole at 75.  I do worry about the derating, 
but keep it cranked down as much as possible.  The dipole load at 75 feet is 
small, 1 sqr foot.  But the steppir at 65 is not insignif, I think 6 sqr foot 
of antenna.

Jim Jarvis <> wrote:

US Tower rates the MA550 based on windload present
1' above the top of the tower. Windload derating is
necessary, as mast height is added above the tower 

Are there any structural guys on this reflector who would care to
wade into analysis on what happens if the load is 5' or 10'
above the top of the tower?

Jim N2EA


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