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[TowerTalk] Brake wedges for Tailtwister

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Brake wedges for Tailtwister
From: (Tree)
Date: Tue Aug 19 12:29:54 2003
I bought a couple of brake wedges at Dayton from the HyGain booth.  I have
to replace the one in my Tailtwister that has a 3 element 40 on it after
most any storm (which happens about once every two years).  I noticed
that the slot that is drilled in the middle was slightly off - about 150
mils or so.  I put it together, but it isn't locking down.

I have asked HyGain about this and really not received much useful 
information about it.  I have now ordered a new one and hopefully it
will have the correct dimensions, and I will send the other ones back.

Anyone else have this problem?

Tree N6TR
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