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[TowerTalk] Re:Need info & manual on 20 meter beam

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re:Need info & manual on 20 meter beam
From: (Chris Pedder)
Date: Tue Aug 19 09:15:55 2003
At 05:51 19/08/2003 -0600, Arne wrote:
>Computer modeling may improve the design.  It would be interesting to see
>what does happen.  Construction wise, and this I can not remember, if
>elements are mounted thru the boom as TELREX did then extra mechanical work
>needed for mounting of elements and possibly re-inforcing of the boom.

I remember drooling over the pictures of these antennas as a young kid, but 
that was a long time ago. The elements did not go through the boom and 
these antennas, 204B, 205B, 403B, 106B, 155B looked as though they were 
built to a standard rather than to a price. In 1967 the 205B cost $595 and 
the 403B $1150. (403B 3el40m on a 46foot boom)

I seem to recall ads in QST showing a Christmas Tree (on an RP-75?) at 
K7UGA, but perhaps old age has addled my memory. Hy-Gain made a suitable 
rotator, the RBX-5 which subsequently became the R-3501 again, if my memory 
serves. Whichever, not the sort of thing to put in Rohn 25......

Chris G3VBL/8P9EM

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