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Subject: [TowerTalk] MA type towers
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Date: Tue Aug 19 13:36:32 2003
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> With the rotor at the top and any mast being held by only the
>  top clamp of the rotor, how can people be using 5'-10' masts?

    There are 2 configurations: 1) rotator on the top of the tower and 2) 
rotator at the bottom of the tower as part of the MARB rotating tower system. 
It's obviously easier with the rotator at the bottom to have a loaded mast.
>  Even with minimal loads on the top of these masts, I would think
>  that would be a huge strain on the rotor clamp.

    Well, yes but sometimes the rotator will take it. When I was at Hy-Gain 
in the 90's we destruction tested a TailTwister and the force required was 
something like 3,000 foot/pounds before the neck broke off. Pretty strong!

Steve     K7LXC
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