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Date: Tue Aug 19 18:36:02 2003
In a message dated 8/19/03 7:55:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

> >     I spent a couple of days at the factory learning how to cable their 
>  > crank-ups and what I found out was that it ain't easy! 
>  I was told the MA-550 was easy to recable.  Am I 
>  missing something?  I was planning to recable mine
>  soon.  Can you give me any tips?
    The tubular towers are easier than the lattice types - lay the tower over 
(after taking the antennas and mast off) and pull the sections apart to 
expose the cable connection; reverse the steps and you should be in business. 

    The messy part I was referring to is the motor drive although again it's 
easier than the lattice types. You have to get the tension and and limits 

    I guess my question is why you think you need to replace the cables? If 
you have more than 6 broken strands, deep rust, or obvious damage then I would 
consider it. In the absence of those three conditions, I'd leave them alone.

    US Tower's insistence on replacing the cables every 3 years is a weasel 
clause (meaning they can weasel out of any liability if you don't follow their 
instructions) and is almost always unnecessary. This is not a violation of the 
LXC Prime Directive to "DO what the manufacturer says" because UST is NOT the 
manufacturer of the cable.

Steve    K7LXC
Professional tower services for commercial and amateur 
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