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Subject: [TowerTalk] MA-550 advice...
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Date: Tue Aug 19 19:06:34 2003
I recable towers all the time and the main problem with he tubular towers is 
it's more than 2 sections, you have to disassemble the whole tower.  This 
requires removing all the antennas and feedlines and tilting the tower over. 
also need enough room to extend the sections out.
I find it much easier to recable a lattice type.  I can do them without 
removing any of the antennas and in the vertical position.  You can also see 
cables to inspect them. 
I'm not knocking the tubular towers.  They are very good.  But I wouldn't 
recommend one if you're in a very corrosive environment like near the beach.
I also recommend the MARB rotor base. Allows for more wind load with he rotor 
on the bottom and easy to service if necessary. Attached to the house there 
is a fair amount of noise vibration through the rafters and can be annoying.

Skip, KJ6Y
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