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[TowerTalk] US Tower TX-472 MDP worm gear drive reducer

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Subject: [TowerTalk] US Tower TX-472 MDP worm gear drive reducer
From: (Jim Schnaidt)
Date: Wed Aug 20 08:07:50 2003
I'm using a US Tower TX-472 MDP that has developed a small problem 
and I'm wondering if anyone here can help before I call US Tower.

Sometime this summer, the worm gear drive reducer that is coupled to 
the cable pulleys that run the tower up and down has developed slow 
oil leak at the ouput shaft seal. It's making a mess on the concrete 
tower base and loses about a quarter cup of oil every month or so. 
It's not a big thing but having to add a bit of oil all the time plus 
having the mess is kind of aggravating.

My question is this: Can the worm gear speed reducer be uncoupled 
from the tower raising cable portion of the tower without tampering 
with the cable? I'd like to slip it out of the tower and attempt some 
kind of repair without messing with the cable.

Any help would be appreciated. I'd call US Tower but they're not the 
best when it comes to support, at least that's been my experience. 
Kind of hit and miss. Sometimes they're "Johnny on the spot" and next 
time they don't return calls....





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