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Re: [TowerTalk] W0IYH Feed line Choke Performance

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] W0IYH Feed line Choke Performance
From: Jim Smith <>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 20:46:18 -0700
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Wow, this is fabulous. Since my return to ham radio 3 yrs ago after several decades I figured I should put some baluns on my dipoles so did a little reading and ran into something called a current balun or choke. Never heard of that back in the 60s. Further monitoring of TT revealed to me what a current choke is and what it does. Then there was the quandary as to whether to coil up some coax and, if so, how much or whether to use ferrite beads and, if so, how many and what kind. Then came the reference to WA2SRQ (not SQR as in my original post) and his measurements. Now we're getting somehwere. Then this instructive thread on the W0IYH units. Then all the fabulous info responding to my post with respect to desireable choke impedance, where to place them (including measurement techniques so it isn't just rule of thumb stuff) and even whether you might want to use more than one. Not only that, info on all the reasons why you don't want current on the outside of the coax and how to measure how much you have.

These last few posts are the best stuff I have ever read on baluns and I have read quite a bit. It's down-to-earth practical advice along with a rationale which makes sense. Thanks a lot guys for taking the time to post this stuff.

Long live TowerTalk (and Steve)

73 de Jim Smith VE7FO


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