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Subject: [TowerTalk] dead birds
From: "Jim Jarvis" <>
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 21:56:27 -0000
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This topic is incredibly complex.  It was clearly
misunderstood by the technologically ignorant reporter.

Is it possible that a TV broadcast station, or a 
microwave relay station might emit enough energy that 
it would partially cook/kill a bird?  Yes.  

Do those field intensities exist in cell sites, 
general communications, or amateur antenna systems?

With the exception of a very small handfull of EME
advocates, the answer is no.  

Without a doubt, "communications towers"  didn't
kill any birds.  It was the flux density of the
transmitters...and therefore possibly microwave energy,
or something close to it.  

On the other hand, in 8 years in Vermont, the sliding
glass doors of my house killed a dozen goldfinch, several
assorted junkos and chickadees, and 4 ruffed grouse.
The latter were excellent, with a bit of rosemary and 
butter.  30 mins per lb. @ 325.

AND, I probably saved another dozen of each, who were
merely stunned by flying into the doors.  

In 10 years in the broadcast industry, I never saw a single
bird die due to collission with a tower.  On the other hand,
in 7 years as a journalist, I saw stories proven wrong on a
weekly basis.  Question is, what could one do to set the record

Jim Jarvis, n2ea
Pasadena, Maryland
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