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[TowerTalk] Cost of building W0IYH chokes

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Cost of building W0IYH chokes
From: Tim Duffy <>
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2003 12:52:13 -0500
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Several guys have sent me emails about the cost of building these
chokes. Yes, they are expensive. The 100 beads you need are almost
$50.00 on their own from Amidon. When you add in 48 inches of double
shield teflon coax cable and two silver plated PL259s the cost is up to
about $56.00 for the raw materials. You can imagine the project to
assemble and install 36 of these chokes at every antenna feed point,
every tower mounted RF switch box, and each of the amplifier outputs at
my station!

I use 3 1/2 wrapped layers of 88 tape, wound in opposite directions to
weather proof the chokes. On the 2nd wrap I put ScotchKote, then when it
is dry, follow with the 3rd wrap of 88 tape.

Hope this helps.

Tim K3LR

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