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[TowerTalk] Single Point Entrance Panel (??)

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Single Point Entrance Panel (??)
From: "John Dooley" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 06:19:09 -0700
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When is a single point cabling entrance panel inside or outside? I would
consider it overkill to cut the stucco out of the side of my house to
provide for an entrance panel for my coax and rotor cables. Would I have
the same protection by mounting the lightning arrestors and isolator
hardware in an electrical box with a ground bus and ground rod a few
inches from the outside wall and then run my cabling in through a small
access hole? Or am I to understand that something about the magnet field
fluxing my fritter if I do sustain a hit and, do do it this way. Just
trying to avoid over kill and doing irreparable changes to the cosmetic
attraction of my significant other's investment. I'm trying to maintain
aesthetics and ensure I have a safe grounding system for my tower
install. I plan to install ICE or Poly Phaser hardware for cable and
coax connections and tie everything together with a good grounding
system, I just don't want to start surgery on the house and find it was
a little too much for my two coax install. Sure you understand- (No do
do intended!!! -just a question) 
John W6ZIP Victorville, Ca.

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