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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Rohn 45 tower
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Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 03:20:39 -0400
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At 09:15 PM 8/30/03 -0500, P. Marlow Miller wrote:

I'm writing to the list as I have no practical experience with any type of
towers. I picked up 6 ten foot sections plus the top section of Rohn 45.
The use of this tower is for a small microwave antenna to reach a cell phone
tower about a mile away. I live in a heavily wooded area and the only way
to get high speed internet is this microwave link. I was told when I bought
these sections second hand that I could go up to 55 feet without guide
wires. I am going to need to go up to 65-70 feet to clear the tree tops. I
was told initially to dig a three foot deep hole, three feet in diameter and
drop one section in and fill it with concrete. It's been pointed out to me
since then that up here in the great white north (Minnesota) that three feet
is not deep enough to get past the frost line. I'm looking at going 5-6
feet deep. This will leave me about 55 feet of tower and I'm looking at
putting a single stick for the rest of the distance to clear the tree tops.

I plan to put the tower at the end of my house, which I would be able to
secure the tower about 20 ft up to the side of the house. If I tie it to the
side of the house would I still need to use guide wires? Or would this be
enough to keep the tower secure? Any help or suggestions would be

How much wind area does this microwave antenna have -- is it a dish or a Yagi type?

My Rohn catalogue does not provide data on the height versus wind area calculation for self-supporting Rohn 45, nor does it detail the size of the base that is required. Both are critical, particularly the latter, because ALL the loads of a self-supporting tower are taken by the base. Bracketing to your house can reduce the amount of base (and the amount of tower that needs to be unguyed, but then significant loads are transferred to the house structure, so the connection needs to be done with care.

Others may provide the info you need, but if not, I believe this subject has been covered in detail in the past on this reflector. If you go to, look in the left margin for a box labeled "list search," and provide Rohn 45 and self-supporting as search terms, it will find whatever has been written on this topic for as long as towertalk has been around. A second search on bracketed or house bracket will get you info on those topics as well.

Best regards,

Pete Smith N4ZR


See: for "Self Supporting Towers", "Wireless Weather Stations", and lot's more. Call Toll Free, 1-800-333-9041 with any questions and ask for Sherman, W2FLA.

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