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Re: [TowerTalk] New Hazer problems - questions

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] New Hazer problems - questions
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2003 10:52:54 -0500
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"Ed Laughery" mentioned:

      Hi Ed,

      I've got the same version that you have, and yes, they
are a mixture of aluminum and steel.   While I agree that the instructions
are a bit vague (not Heathkit and Elecraft level, to be sure) I was able
to put mine together in a little over an hour.

      I'm not sure what you mean by lugs... as I recall , the pulley
bracket is attached via some u-bolts?

      Regarding the safety catch, if I'm looking at mine from the
front (facing the rotor) the safety catch is on the left.

      I too found some of the galvanizing clogged the holes somewhat...
I've had a similar issue on the legs of some Rohn 25, and required
minor reaming. That galvanizing is VERY thick!

      I've had mine up about a year and really like it. Could I make
my own? Yes, probably now I could, but the Glen Martin folks make
it easy.  I'd certainly buy another one. What a treat to be able to work
on the antenna near the ground in less than 5 minutes

John K5MO


This could wait until I call Glen Martin Engineering on Monday, but hope
someone can give a little guidance.

I just received (today - Saturday) a new Hazer - I ordered a Hazer 4
(galvanized) version but received the Hazer 3 assembly instructions.  The
part set that I received is a mix of aluminum and Galvanized steel.  The
main top bottom assembly and vertical supports are Galv. Steel while the
cross braces, plate supports, etc. are aluminum - is this mix consistent
with a Hazer 4.  In addition, I have three Aluminum pices approx 1 " wide by
8" long that are not listed on the parts list.  Parts also states that there
should be 14 lugs - I only received 6.  The six lugs are required to bolt
the main top and bottom sections together.  Two additional lugs are needed
if attaching the top pulley assembly to a reg section of Rohn 25 vs a
Tapered Top Section of tower.  If mounting to the latter, you are supposed
to use the supplied u-bolts, however, the supplied U-bolts do not fit the
predrilled holes in the pulley assembly.  I also found that the rotor plate
bracket assembly that contains the safety catch mounts on the opposite side
per the drawing.  Is this a H3 vs H4 model difference?  A number of the
holes are either not drilled thru or are very ragged.

One last problem - I purchased the Brake Winch option - the handle simply
screws onto the shaft of the winch in a CW direction - a small spring and
lock nut are installed on the end of the shaft - the lock nut only keeps the
spring pushed against the handle - it does not tighten/snug up to the
handle.  Cranking in the raise direction (CW) is fine, however, cranking in
the CCW direction - results in the handle loosening off of the winch shaft.
Is the spring and lock nut supposed to keep the handle from backing off?

 Is this typical of GME or did I simply get a Hazer manufactured the day
before a holiday !!!!!!  All in all - considering what they charge - I am
not every happy with the craftsmanship, instructions (poor - regardless of
the model problem).  Anyone else experience the same problems?

Thanks in advance for any help and advice.

Best Regards

 Ed Laughery


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