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Re: Windows based NEC programs was Re: [TowerTalk] K6STI YO / AO Program

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Subject: Re: Windows based NEC programs was Re: [TowerTalk] K6STI YO / AO Programs?
From: Pete Smith <>
Date: Sun, 09 Nov 2003 17:21:56 -0500
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At 02:17 PM 11/9/03 -0800, Jim Lux wrote:
EZ-NEC is a well respected Windows version of NEC.

The big problem with EZNEC, unfortunately, is that unless you buy the pro version for much more money it has a limit of 500 segments. Try modeling a single-tower station on 10 or 15 meters, looking for interactions with all the other conductors (antennas, guys, etc.) and you'll quickly find this a difficult limitation to live with.

I should add that I use 4NEC 2 in conjunction with MultiNEC, because the latter does not provide antenna viewers, while the latest evolution of 4NEC2 has a really neat Direct X antenna pattern and geometry viewer. I have imported all of my EZNEC modeling files into MultiNEC; one of the very neat things MultiNEC does is to translate among the proprietary formats of the various other Windows-based programs, as well as vanilla NEC.

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