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Re: [TowerTalk] K6STI YO / AO Programs?

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] K6STI YO / AO Programs?
From: "Mark Beckwith" <>
Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2003 21:06:50 -0600
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I'll throw my two cents in about K6STI and his antenna programs.  I have
been using YO for about 15 years to design everything I ever built for

Every yagi I have built using YO has worked perfectly as designed.  I'd
estimate that's between 35 and 40 yagis for 40 through 10M.

Every one of my 10 present monobanders at N5OT was designed by YO.  I can
think of no reason to use any other program.

YO is very cool from the standpoint that you can take a pile of parts like

and turn it into fabulous yagis like this

(bike not included)

because you tell YO what you have and it makes the best antenna you can get
out of the parts you have.  This is good for a scrounger like me.  I know
NOBODY ELSE collects antenna pieces  :)

Originally I had some grunge copy of YO 1.0 that was floating around.  Some
years later, after operating multi-multis alongside Brian and getting to
know him a bit, I got legal and bought 6.53.  I have been using that one for
probably 10 years.

As far as Brian the Guy goes, let's just say he exhibits some
characteristics typical of some hams.  Some of us exhibit some of the same
characteristics, and all of us know more extreme examples among our ranks.
He's a nice guy.  He has his ups and downs like everyone else.  He's been
through the ringer, and now he prefers to stay under the radar.  I don't
blame him one bit.  That copyright infringement thing was a bad deal and I
admire him for sticking to his guns and taking The Bad Guys et al to the

All that and the good news is you can STILL buy his programs.  That might be
more than you wanted to know but there it is.

I recommend YO.  It is a BARGAIN at $100.

Mark, N5OT


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