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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Re: Topband: Using 1/2" PVC Conduit Vs. the CrittersWho Eat Coax
From: "Robert Shohet" <>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 12:40:52 -0500
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Hi Bill,

You have very polite and well-trained critters!

Every year I lose RG8X, RG213 (buryflex), control cable, rotator cable and
"self-sealing" RG6 to the
wildlife that lives in the forest.  I suspect that the Fieldmice, Opossums,
Squirrels and Coyotes do the most damage, but who really knows?

It's a constant problem.  In the case of my 160 Comtrek box, some critter
ate A LOT of RG8X in three separate spots and caused a short in the cable
which blew the fuse and a few components in the control box.  This was less
than 50' from my house.

You would think that the cable wouldn't taste good but that doesn't seem to
stop them.  In the winters when the snow is deep
(for SW Connecticut), I often have to replace all the self-sealing RG6 for
the beverage runs - that seems to be their favorite!
Judging by the sizes of the teeth marks and the level of cable destruction
which ranges from the tiny bite marks to looking like a drunk used a mangled
pair of pliers, both the large and small animals seem to like the beverage
cable.  I have tried other varities to no avail.  I think it is just the
fact that they are hungry and deep in the woods is the problem.

Even the teenage paint-ball players leave my beverages and cables alone!

Bob KQ2M

> I have hundreds of feet of coax and control cable.  I have never had any
> problems with critters eating cable.  We have lots of gray squirrels but
no red
> ones...also wild boar, raccoons, opossum, rabbits, armadillos, and mice.
> guess none of them like the taste of cable.
> The only natural enemy to the cable is my tractor mower which sometimes
> a stray run and chews it up. I can't bury here since the water table is so
> high.
> Bill K4XS


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