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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] R25 towers
From: Pete Smith <>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 14:10:11 -0500
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... has lots of info..figure out what you need, and go buy it.

Just for an example, for one of the products, from the charts there, it looks like 1/2" allthread (A 307 grade C), embedded 4 1/4 or 6 inches is limited by the allthread strength (3750 lbs). Going to A193, Grade B7 all-thread makes the bond the limit at around 4500lbs (the allowable capacity of the bolt is 8080 lbs)

Going to bigger bolts and holes ups the strength a LOT. 1" bolts have allowable loads like 15,000 lbs.

I'm no pro at this stuff, but it seems to me there's an important caveat -- if you're going to climb the tower as it goes up, use temporary guys before you set the permanent ones, because the stresses imposed on those bolts by a large human on the end of 20-30 feet of Rohn 25, unguyed, could cause something to bend or break, and it may not be the bolt itself. This is no more onerous than using a pier pin mount, which might be another way to go.

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