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[TowerTalk] Attaching ground wires

Subject: [TowerTalk] Attaching ground wires
From: Bill Ogden <>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 12:11:31 -0500
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I appreciate the responses about how to attach ground wires to a tower.
(I'll answer here instead of sending individual answers.)

Fortunately, I have no building inspector involved.  I am working with both
protective grounds (ground rods) and RF grounds (radials).  The basic
question was how to mechanically attach these wires to the tower.  It is a
crank-up, tilt-over model.  In order to tilt it over, almost all the bolts
are removed on the base ---- leaving only the three anchor bolts (into the
concrete) and two pivot bolts for tilting.

This seems to make a conflict --- (1) I do not like to place anything
foreign under the nuts on the three concrete bolts, (2) I think that
removing the wires (however they are attached) from various bolts when
getting ready to tilt might not be good.  Considering this, it might be
better to attach the wires to the "T" base plate somehow; these would be
more permanent connections.  I have not placed grout under the "T" base
plate yet, but I plan to do this next year.  (I am away from my home
location -- working on the Navajo reservation -- until next June.)   The
grout will limit the ability to attach anything to the base plate.

Every response, so far, has recommended using stainless steel for to
protect the actual connection points (whereever they may be).  No one
commented on my thought to tin the wire ends at the connection point, so I
should probably drop that thought.

There have been several mention of the Polyphaser clamps.  (Are these made
to fit the TX-455 legs?  Does anyone have a part number handy?)  These
would need to be removed to tilt the tower, but this may be a good solution
otherwise.  A single wire from each of these clamps to a ground rod, and
then using the ground rod as a junction post for radial wires might work
--- this means the radial "spread" would not start right at the tower, but
this might not matter for 160/80/40/30 meters.

IMHO, the tower manufacturers could improve their products by including
wiring junction points (perhaps just holes for stainless steel bolts) in
the tower bases.



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