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Subject: [TowerTalk] [antenneX] New Book Release - Antenna Modeling - Vol. 2 fm W4RNL
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2003 10:18:55 EST
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Howdy, TowerTalkians --

    Here's an FYI regarding a new book from LB Cebik, W4RNL. Right up the 
alley of many TT members.

Steve    K7LXC

>>  Dear folks:

We are pleased to announce the publication of the second of three (3)
Volumes on Antenna Modeling by modeling guru, LB Cebik, W4RNL. The book
is titled Antenna Modeling Notes: Volume 2 following the companion
Volume 1 of this series of modeling books released on July 15, 2003.

Volume 2 contains 400+ pages of text, illustrated throughout with nearly
200 graphics and accompanied by the 86 antenna models.  Volume 3 (#51
through #75) will appear in the Spring of 2004.

Volume 1 includes 377 pages starting with information useful to
beginning modelers and grows to address the potentials, limitations, and
techniques of interest to the more advanced modelers. It also begins by
focusing upon MININEC and especially NEC-2 and then expands its scope to
include NEC-4.

The Appendix to each of the three volumes contains a collection of
antenna modeling files in three formats: .NEC (ASCII), .EZ (EZNEC), and
.NWP (NEC-Win Plus). The text includes a file name for the applicable
model in the Appendix. Therefore, should you wish to do so, you will be
able to read a section in front of your computer and test for yourself
the ideas involved. Volume 1 includes 94 of these modeling file examples
and Volume 2 has another 86 modeling files -- or 180 files with more to
come in Volume 3.

As in Volume 1, Cebik has added models to this volume, in fact, 86 of
them.  These models are referred to in the text, and you can run them
while reading to further illustrate the points under consideration.
Except for models that have no possible counterparts in other formats,
each model comes in the EZNEC (.EZ), NEC-Win Plus (.NWP), and generic
(.NEC) formats.  As well, Cebik has included his NEC-Win Plus models for
designing Moxon Rectangles and monoband quad beams as a bonus.

Considered an expert on antennas, L. B. has written and published two
other NEC tutorials and 15 books on various technical subjects in the
field with works on antennas for both the beginner and the advanced

To the new Volume 2 (and Volume 1) of the Antenna Modeling Series:

More Popular Modeling - Software & Tutorial
The antenneX Shopping Shack contains several hundred more modeling
files, plus the NEC-Win Plus software mentioned above. The Basic Antenna
Modeling Book, a tutorial is also available there. For more info on
each, please see the URLs below:

More Modeling Files:

Basic Antenna Modeling Tutorial:

NEC-Win Plus Modeling Software:

Remember, knowledge is a valuable thing to possess and can be found in
abundance at antenneX Online Magazine...!

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Thanks for your time and hope to see you soon!

Jack L. Stone
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