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Re: [TowerTalk] Trap Resonance

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Trap Resonance
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 10:11:14 EST
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In a message dated 11/21/03 8:03:12 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
>>I am now left wondering where exactly the trap should dip? Tom suggests that
it should NOT be brought to resonance on and around the desired operating
freq. So, where do I tune the trap? I could place it at 14.2 but 14.2 would
be my desired operating freq!<<

I would not rely on TOM, W8JI "wisdom," tune it to where it gives maximum 
signal and the best performance. Tom is way off and wrong on the subject of 
current in loading coils on the antenna. He has extensive article on his web 
that is completely wrong, there was quite a discussion on and newsgroup on this subject and people that measure 
concluded that the current is not equal at both ends of the loading coil, while 
he is still insisting that it is (based on wrong assumptions and calculations).
Since the trap is acting as a loading coil, looks like you stumbled on 
another proof that he is wrong and disseminating fallacy (not the first time). 
final proof is in the signal strength and what you measure, not what someone 
Looks like this business of current distribution in the loading coils has 
also significant impact on traps, which become loading coils at lower bands and 
knowing what is really happening will help to optimize them for better 
efficiency. More info is on my web page

73 & GL

Yuri, K3BU

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