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[TowerTalk] Installing radials

Subject: [TowerTalk] Installing radials
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 14:41:17 EST
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I am currently installing a new inverted L for 80 meters. My residential lot 
is confined to a 120 degree portion of the needed area for radials. In this 
120 degrees have installed 16 radials ranging from 40-120 feet in length. I 
access to another 120 degrees to the East and southeast. Part of this area is 
a slope rising approximately 30 feet above the ground level of the inverted L 
and would put the end of some of the longer radials at about mid level to the 
vertical portion of the antenna.

My question is, would this be detrimental to the operation of the antenna? Is 
it better to have a large quantity of radials, even if some of them are 
ending up that high above the feed point of the antenna, or just run the few 
that I 
can level with the feed point?  It seems to me this would amplify the 
reflection off the hill, distorting the pattern even more than it would be, but 
I am 
more concerned with the overall efficiency of the antenna on transmit.

I know this is not an optimum situation but it is what I have to work with. 


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