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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] tower climbers xmas gift
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Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 12:23:05 -0500
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At 11:08 AM 11/25/2003, Jerry Keller wrote:
Many of the posts for this subject indicate there's a lot of "solo" tower climbing going on. I don't climb, but if I did I would never do so without a helper on the ground to watch my back and send up stuff. Let's see.... where did I get that good safety idea? I believe it was here on TowerTalk... :-) 73, Jerry K3BZ

This is a very good point. Climbing alone is a very risky thing to do yet folks are doing it every day. Even if you climb with a buddy on the ground, if you don't haul the end of a string or 1/4 inch line with you, he can't help you retrieve something you drop or something you forgot to take with you.

Recently we had a friend sustain a very deep gash in the top of his head which required ten staples (that's more than 20 stitches) as a result of a falling tower part. Since that accident, me and the other few climbers in our group have agreed that we will NEVER climb with folks below that are NOT wearing hard hats. They're cheap, available at Home Depot, Lowes and many other places (another GREAT tower climber's gift! Give one to each of your ground crew).

Fortunately we didn't lose our friend but we could have very easily and that lesson will not be forgotten.

Climb safe. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Tony W4ZT


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