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Re: [TowerTalk] Combining antennas

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Combining antennas
From: Bill Tippett <>
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2004 18:32:02 -0500
List-post: <>
N4ZR wrote:
>My modeling of other stacks, when the two antennas are perpendicular, suggests they basically behave like separate antennas then.

        Pete, my experience has been fairly good with pointing
my 10m 3-stack at mostly orthogonal angles, but sometimes
you get some very strange results...especially for backscatter
signals.  Quite often, I would hear a weak station, and then
switch to the single antenna in that direction, only to have
the signal totally vanish.

        The other variable in this is knowing which antenna
height is best for different target areas at different times of
day.  You can get a feel for that with VOACAP but there is
probably no substitute for experience.

        Been playing with both high-angle and low-angle antennas
on 160 lately and it's amazing to see the difference sometimes.

73, Bill W4ZV


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