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Re: FW: RE: [TowerTalk] SteppIR VS Force 12

Subject: Re: FW: RE: [TowerTalk] SteppIR VS Force 12
From: "N6KJ" <>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 11:16:56 -0800 (PST)
List-post: <>
Yes, one could imagine this, but I would propose something that I believe
would be even better (and would serve other useful purposes).  I would
propose that the SteppIR team provide an API by which you could control
the antenna from your PC.  All of the adjustments you suggest could
be done using a PC based program and then given to the controller to change
the antenna.  This could potentially reduce the cost of the controller,
allow for 3rd party development of new "features", and would allow
for remote control of the antenna (something not possible today).  

On Thu, 19 Feb 2004 13:15:57 -0500, "RICHARD BOYD" wrote:

> Hmm, one can imagine coming down the pike within a few years software upgrades
> that will allow you to enter your stack height (heights of all the individual
> antennas in the stack), maybe even terrain, all the variables that can be
> of and accounted for, time of day, time of year, A and K index, where you're
> trying to work, and the array will adjust as a unit to optimize everything for
> it!  Next, interface it with your logging software and when you type in a
> callsign prefix, zip-zip, it optimizes quickly for that individual station!  
> Or
> enter the "all Europe" option and, without further "handling," it keeps
> optimizing the stack, during the entire opening, for "all Europe," all "in the
> background" without interrupting anything the operator is doing.  Whoa baby!
> 73 - Rich, KE3Q

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