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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Rohn Tower Modifcation
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Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 00:38:05 -0600
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Not sure on all the tower specs, but you might be careful on your
estimations of whether or not it needs lighting. You need to check your
proximity to the nearest airport, small or large to know whether the tower
requires lighting. If you are unsure you can contact ASAC or Sitesafe
( for a study.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rohn Tower Modifcation

> I am new to this list today.  Can't even believe with my other mail I
> signed up for another list but I guess I am gluttening for punishment.  I
> have been doing some research for my tower I am putting up and as I search
> google it kept coming up with stuff from this list.  So from that I
> this towertalk list had other useful information on it.
> so my question at hand.
> I have gotten a Rohn SSV tower.  I bought it 2nd hand from a company about
> year ago and it has been in a pile until last week.  I was afraid that all
> the pieces might not be there but after two days of me and a coworker
> putting it together I have found all the pieces are there. What a
> I read the specs several times over the last year and read and read and
> Rohn's stuff about the tower.  But it was not until I put it together that
> it really set in how big this tower was.  I have a ROHN SSV tower,
> 8N through 14N giving me 140' of tower.   My specs are going to take about
> 17 yards of concrete to hold it in the air properly.
> I understand once I put it in air it is there for good so if I ever want
> add onto it then I should do it now.   All my sections are tapered except
> the 8N which is a straight section.  I called a couple of people with
> various advice.  One of them says if it was him he would just add a couple
> of 8N straight giving me a total of 180' with top 60' being straight 8N's.
> Another says I can take off the 8N straight and add a 8N tapered, 7N
> and then a straight 6N section.  Another says to not waste money and leave
> the straight 8N and add a tapered 7N and then a straight 6N section.  This
> last person says it will be stable just look like an Apollo rocket ship.
> first concern is this tower was engineered the way it is and should I add
> stuff ontop of it and will it still be stable.   From what I understand it
> was engineered for 6  300 lb antennas to be at the 140' mark but that was
> rumor and have no way of finding out for sure.  I did have to help take
> of the 300 lb antennas off of it when I bought it.  It did have large
> brackets on it where other large antennas had been on it.   I tried to get
> engineering  drawings on it from ROHN when I bought it with NO success at
> all so I am out of luck on that side.
> So from all you experts out there what would you do?  Thoughts?
> Also I really would add 3 sections to it but that would put me at 200' and
> then I have to deal with lighting and don't want to do that.  Of course I
> considered putting on 3 sections and cutting off 1-2 foot off top thus
> making the tower 198-199' tall and I think would avoid lighting that way
> also.  But it goes back to engineering and now I am altering an actual top
> leg of tower.
> thanks in advance for facts, theories, swags, etc.
> terry
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See:  for "Self Supporting Towers", "Wireless Weather 
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