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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Rohn Tower Modifcation
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Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 07:07:18 -0600
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At 01:01 AM 2/23/2004, you wrote:

I am reading now the site and I think it says if below 200' no
reporting required.
going to call the contact person tommorrow to confirm.

That is only the HALF of it. 199 ft or less OR 1 ft per 100 ft separation from an airport in the Airman's Guide. In my case there was a dirt strip about 3 miles away and I had to file the forms because I wanted to go to 199 ft and the strip was only 17,000 ft away--limiting me to 170 ft.

Note--this does not mean every private landing strip--but rather
a public landing strip listed in the Airman's Guide.  You do not
need to make any accommodations for a private strip.  In my
case they said there was no problem.  But the key is--you have to
FILE the papers if your tower is higher than 1 ft per 100 ft separation
from a public strip.

You can go to any small airport and check in with the FBO and
borrow their copy of the Airman's Guide just to be sure.  When I
bought my place in CO I had no idea there was a strip nearby.
Never saw any traffic landing or taking off or even noticed it.
It was used for crop dusting and its use was very seasonal.
But the owner wanted to be in the maintenance business
so he had it listed in the Airman's Guide as a public facility.

This is all about filing the papers.   You don't automatically
have to light if you go above 199 ft.   The FAA has stated to
me that in remote area that they may permit higher towers
(300 ft or so) to be erected without lighting--if the location and
air traffic is appropriate.  In my case they decided they didn't
need me to light for the crop duster's strip but that I should
light because of general traffic in the area.  The Greeley, CO
airport was about 15 miles away.  I spent quite a bit of time
convincing them to allow me to go to 199 without lighting.

Turns out they had lost my detailed drawings and were just
saying "LIGHT THEM" to CYA.  After I faxed them a second
copy of my application they agreed I could install my towers
without lights or paint--although my tallest tower (ASL) is
painted.   Just because it was painted when I bought it and
took it down.

Good Luck--John W0UN

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