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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Quickly releasable knots/steering antennas duringtramming
From: "Mark ." <>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 12:17:13 -0500
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Hi All,
I have seen what you're looking for. They can be found by searching for "exploding knots".

They can be released by yanking the free end. You would tie the knot and leave the free end long enough to be taped near the center of the antenna boom, allowing the tower crew to yank and 'explode' them.

I have used a 3' tiller arm, clamped to the antenna boom at a right angle next to the mast mounting plate, and pointing away from the tower. A single tag line tied to the end of the tiller arm allows steerage left and right by having the tag person move in the appropriate direction.

If the tiller arm is clamped such that it is parallel to the ground, the tag man can also tilt the leading elements (of a yagi, say) up by pulling down on the tiller tag line.

For antennas larger than a F12 C3, you would want a longer tiller for more leverage.


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