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Re: [TowerTalk] W6AM book availability

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] W6AM book availability
From: Bob Nielsen <>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 21:44:45 -0800
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I recall that Don passed away around 1985 or so (the book was published
in 1991).  I knew him when I was a member of the Southern California DX
Club and after moving away from CA I used to travel to L.A. quite a bit
on business.  One trip coincided with the monthly SCDXC meeting and I
was fortunate to share a table with Don for dinner before the meeting. 
We had a nice conversation and I was sad to hear of his passing several
weeks later.

I believe Don was a few inches shorter than I am (6' 7").  The Los
Angeles Times published a picture showing him at the top of a tower at
the age of 89.

Bob, N7XY (W6SWE at the time)

On 02/26/04 20:36:54, Al N6TA wrote:
>Didn't this book come out after Don passed?  Signed by the author, I
>I never work him but did have an eyeball at hamfest: he seemed as  
>the rhombics!  And I am 6'...
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>[]On Behalf Of Jeff Stai WK6I
>Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2004 5:30 PM
>Subject: RE: [TowerTalk] W6AM book availability
>The book is a great read, even or perhaps especially if you had never
>of him - though even as a kid in my pre-ham days we had heard of this
>with big antennas down by the coast. Those rhombics were pretty
>awesome. And
>some of the denizens of this reflector might enjoy how he dealt with
>CCRs he was up against (really!)
>I imagine the $150 copy is signed - at least signed copies were in
>price range when last I looked.
>I have also seen copies for sale on the shelf at HRO in Anaheim, if
>that is
>any help...
>73! - jeff wk6i
>At 01:02 PM 2/26/2004, wrote:
>>QST had a biography of the man a few years ago.  I'd never heard of
>>I read it.  Truly a pioneer, and, it appears, a great guy to boot...
>>Al N6TA <> said:
>>> I looked for used copies on Amazon yesterday and found one  
>>> a VG++ copy for only $150!
>>> Al
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>>> From:
>>> []On Behalf Of David Greer
>>> Hi everyone,
>>> I found this information in the TowerTalk archives.
>>> The information is from June 2001 so I don't know if
>>> it's still up to date:
>>> "For those who have been asking recently, there are
>>> tons of the Don C.
>>> Wallace, W6AM, Amateur Radio's Pioneer books still
>>> available.  They are in
>>> stock at the offices of the company Don Wallace
>>> founded 76 years ago.  The
>>> cost is $29.95 plus current freight charges.  Don's
>>> son, Bill Wallace,
>>> W6TCG, is still there as is Ron Camp, K6EVR and
>>> myself.
>>> Regards,
>>> Don Werner, WA6KKR
>>> Wallace and Wallace
>>> Manufacturers' Representatives
>>> 11823 E. Slauson Avenue, Suite 38
>>> Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
>>> 562-945-2908
>>> 562-693-6313 Fax

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