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[TowerTalk] Yaessu G-45A rotor connections

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Yaessu G-45A rotor connections
From: "Ed Laughery" <>
Date: Sat, 8 May 2004 16:19:40 -0500
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Hello All

I have a Yaesu G-450A rotor/controller.  Looking at the molex connector on
the back of the controller- pin 1 is not present.  This is consistent with
the schematic, which also indicates that pin 1 is not used, however, the
wiring instructions indicate that all six pins should be connected betwenn
the molex plug and the round controller connector.  The only pin not
connected in the wiring diagram is pin 7 on the round rotor unit connector.
Am I analyzing this correctly?  This is a problem as I (for some stupid
reason) can't find the molex plug - I have pins/sockets but the plug has
gone on vacation.  So the only way I am deciding which pin is #1 (missing
pin) is thru the schematic where it appears that looking at the back of the
unit, the pin layout would be:


Is this correct?

Any help, confirmation, will be appreciated.



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