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[TowerTalk] Andrews 1/2" Heliax Connectors

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Andrews 1/2" Heliax Connectors
From: "John Dooley" <>
Date: Sun, 9 May 2004 16:53:48 -0700
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I have a 125? run of ½ Andrews Superflex from my tower to my entrance panel
and was wondering if anyone had a good home-brew method of  fabricating
connectors (UHF) rather than going and putting the N type commercial
connectors. (I have the commercial type to do the job if need be) I have
seen a method for larger ¾? hard line that used a ½? ? 3/4'? threaded
reducer. One side of the reducer was used to solder a PL-259 coupling into
and the other end was threaded onto the solid shield of the hard line.  The
trouble with ½ Superflex hard line is that I can?t find a ½? threaded
portion to ?grab? the shield like the ¾? will do. Also, the shield is ribbed
and I don?t think a threaded connector would provide me good connection. Any
advise would be most helpful.


John W6ZIP
Victorville, Ca.


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ARS #712
FISTS #9371
FPQRP #645



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