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Subject: [TowerTalk] CDE Ham II
From: Steve <>
Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 19:41:24 -0400
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I bought a CDE Ham II rotor in 1976, used it for about five years and removed it from service with the intent of getting my beams back in the air in short order. I replaced a few parts in 1981 and lubricated the ball bearings. Turns out that "in short order" turned into 23 years :(

It was stored during that time in attics, barns and sheds. Dry but subject to ambient outside temperatures (or greater when it was in the attic). I hooked it up on the bench and it works. Removed the top casting to take a look at the ball bearings. They are shiny and coated with the lubricant I put on them 23 years ago, a lubricant that I bought from CDE for just that purpose.

After all these years, is that lubricant on the ball bearings still a functioning lubricant? Or is it of questionable character and should be replaced? If so, with what?



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