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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Amidon Inc.
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Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 22:07:25 -0700
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> Bob/Chuck,
> I think most of the ferrites that Amidon sells are
> actually made by Fair-Rite Products:
> Amidon is just a distributor. I don't think they make
> any material themselves. I have never tried dealing
> directly with Fair-Rite products, so I am not sure if they
> will deal with small orders, but it may be worth a try.
> There are other distributors listed on the Fair-Rite
> products website, so that may be worth exploring.
> P.S. If Amidon is not interested in the Amateur Radio
> Market, I wonder why it says the following at the top of their
> homepage:
> "Since 1963, Amidon Inc. has been supplying
> the HAM radio community with ferromagnetic products.
> The business has grown steadily over the years through
> supplying to amateur radio operators and various companies
> involved in the research and development of electronic
> products."

Well, I'm sure they'd take your money regardless of who you are.  Whether
they provide a service and support level appropriate is another question.

I suspect that they haven't bothered to change their website since Amidon
himself left the business some years ago.  For the longest time, they just
had a pdf of their printed flyer/catalog (the one that was 40 odd minature
pages printed on a big sheet of paper all folded up)

Another supplier of powdered metal stuff is micrometals  They sell small quantities (or, they did some
years ago)


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