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Subject: RE: [BULK] - Re: [TowerTalk] Amidon customer satisfaction
From: Steve Katz <>
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 15:26:54 -0700
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> Mike, I don't agree with you.  I'm a skeptic about a lot of things, but
> any company who has any process controls in place really has no difficulty
> passing an ISO audit and becoming registered with very little change in
> anything.
> Here at my company, we use an outside ISO consultant who comes in only
> about twice each year for a few days to pre-audit us, see if we've tied up
> any loose ends from the last audit, answered any outstanding
> non-compliances, made any process improvements we can document and so
> forth, and then we're ready for the next audit (which is usually annual).
> It's neither a big deal nor time consuming.  Ongoing training of processes
> is paramount to process control in general, and we do that by classroom
> instruction as required.  Again, this would have been ongoing anyway, with
> or without ISO.
> Whether the ISO registration has actually done anything to improve us is
> another issue -- not sure, but maybe.  In at least one memorable case,
> having a valid registration won us one key (and large) customer who would
> not deal with any non-ISO vendor, so for that alone it's been worth the
> cost of ongoing registration!
> WB2WIK/6
> From what I have seen of ISO, its no wonder customer service is so
> lousy. People are either writing process documents or they are running
> around trying to figure out how to pass on audit. With all that its a
> wonder
> anyone has time to do any real work or satisfy a customer :)
> Cynically yours,
> Mike, W4EF.......................

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