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Date: Sat, 15 May 2004 10:35:08 -0400
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  Since we're on the subject of customer service, here is a shinning
   Some time back I decided to replace an overloaded T2X with a RD-1800 from
C.A.T.S.  It's a direct replacement for the T2X size wise so no need to
drill new mounting holes plus, it's much heavier duty.  I'm turning a 36'
boom 15 meter yagi and 44' boom 10 meter yagi.
  To cut to the chase, the output shaft shattered after about a year and a
half so I called Craig and he said some of the first couple runs of steel
shafts turned out to be too hard.  This thing went through tropical storm
Isabelle and a horrendous wind storm immediately after ARRL SSB.
  He told me to return it no questions asked.  Not only did he repair it and
overhaul the unit for free, he also shipped it back to me on his dime.
Certainly can't ask for anything more than that!  Something to keep in mind
if you're rotator shipping.

Ken K4ZW


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