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[TowerTalk] [antenneX] Antenna Modeling Book Release - Volume 3

Subject: [TowerTalk] [antenneX] Antenna Modeling Book Release - Volume 3
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 08:42:25 EDT
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Steve    K7LXC

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Antenna Modeling Volume 3:
This third collection of antenna modeling notes continues the
compilation of the series that LB Cebik began in 1998 in antenneX. This
volume 3 contains 433 pages with episode numbers 51 through 75 of the
long-running series that is running even today.

The text and graphics for each column has been reviewed and updated to
ensure as much accuracy as possible. The sample models used in each
column have been reviewed and updated as well. That process permitted LB
to add things to these volumes not available before.

The Appendix to each of these volumes contains a collection of 60 more
antenna modeling files, all 60 in three formats of .NEC, .EZ and .NWP.
Therefore, should you wish to do so, you will be able to read an episode
in front of your computer and to test for yourself the ideas involved.
As with the other volumes, this one is well-illustrated.

Special 3-Volume Combo:
A special 20% discount is available if all three volumes are purchased

Al three volumes contain more than 1,200 pages and 240 modeling files
that the reader can try and customize to fit personal needs.

Modeling Software:
To Run the Models, software will be required. We distribute some of the
best modeling software on the market, developed under rigid testing by
LB. This software runs the NWP version of the 240 modeling files that
come with the books.

For more info on the software:

For more Models:
800 more modeling files by LB:

Basic Antenna Modeling:
A Basic Antenna Modeling Tutorial

Companion models for the above Tutorial

Providing you with news as and when it happens:

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