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Re: [TowerTalk] Class 2 and Class 7 Poles

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Class 2 and Class 7 Poles
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Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 17:06:53 -0400
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The late 1950's and early 1960's ARRL Antenna books have a very good scheme
for mounting a beam on a telephone pole.   I used this design with several
antennas from 1958 to 1970.  There was also an article by a VE3 in CQ about
1964 or 5.  Sure wish the ideas were widely available now with steel towers
getting more expensive.

I recommend that you get steps from the pole or power company and install
them before the pole is put up.  The alternative is to put on tram on the
pole so the beam can be raised or lowered from ground level.

Two important points.  A 60 foot pole must be put 8 or 9 feet into the
ground so keep this in mind when comparing heights of the pole versus a
tower.   I also recommend that one set of guys be attached at about 75% of
the height just to hold the pole steady.  Remember guys do not hold up any
pole or tower just keep it steady in windy conditions.

I will send a note to ARRL asking that the old article be re-printed and
also to CQ once I find the mid 60's article.

Bill Wall mentioned obtaining a 120 foot pole several years ago and even
cited sources (one was in Atlanta another in Florida).  Bill is now reported
quite ill. I think the first step is call your local power company (don't
mention BPL HI) and talk to the district engineer.  One W8 said his local
engineer pointed him to used poles (40 to 80 feet) which they even
install...they are looking for a place to put old poles to avoid
environmental abatement expenses and hams are a good place.  At the very
least the district engineer should point you toward sources (new and used).
My pole was delivered to my house back in 1958 but we had to dig the hole
and set it up.

Hope this is helpful.

73 Dave K4JRB

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> How practical is it to use a 50' (or 60', if available)
> utility/telephone pole as a support for something like a 3-el. SteppIR?
> And how would the installed cost compare with a typical steel tower of
> the same height?
> Alan AB2OS


See:  for "Self Supporting Towers", "Wireless Weather 
Stations", and lot's more.  Call Toll Free, 1-800-333-9041 with any questions 
and ask for Sherman, W2FLA.

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