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Subject: [TowerTalk] Using telephone (power) poles
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Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 16:28:54 -0400
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Here is a list of articles on using a pole as a mast for a beam or quad.

The only article on actually mounting an antenna on the pole was in QST,
June 1957 starting on page 32.  This is the method I used in 1958 and the
material was re-printed in ARRL publications
for several years.

Articles on using a tram or lift are as follows (from most recent to oldest)

QST, August 1986  Page 28  by Pete N0AFW (now N0FW)
Ham Radio, August 1983  Page 46  Carriage and Track Pole Mount
CQ, Sept 1965, Page 39 Tracking a Power Pole
CQ, October 1964, Page 36  Ups and Downs of Pole Tracking.

Remember if you use the 1957 QST article idea to put the steps on before
raising the pole and either have steps at the same height or a platform so
you can mount and work on your antennas.
I used a gin pole and big rope with block and pulley to get my antennas up
and down.  Antennas I had on the pole between 1958 and 1970 included the
Gonset Tri-Bander (18 foot boom), two quads, and a TA-36 with 40 meter

73 Dave K4JRB


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