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[RFI] Re: time to start using the radios in the freqs they aregoing use

Subject: [RFI] Re: time to start using the radios in the freqs they aregoing use turn up the amps. : Air Force (& Wal-Mart?) RFI in Florida
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Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 16:58:37 -0400
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That would be construed as intentional jamming, I was speculating
about the impact of inadvertent (unintentional) rfi.

I was thinking that the unintented noisy consequence from the inadvertent rfi might cause a Ham to stop sending unidentified transmissions into a repeater -- it was not a suggestion that
anyone jam a *legal* user (WalMart).

This is radically different than BPL where the promoters are
knowingly lying about the destructive impact of a secondary user
(BPL) upon primary users -- there one may freely operate normal
modes and power levels without concern for the BPL system --
they (BPL vendors) are required to defend their gear from
*legal primary users* including Amateur Radio, government
and military users, etc.

This does not mean pointing large beams at BPL devices and
pumping a KW of digital RF into the beam -- in that case
one is not operating for the purpose of communicating with
another Op.  One is also supposed to only use the power level
necessary for successful communication, not the maximum
legal just because one owns an amp.

73, doc kd4e

Kevin Adam wrote:
N9IWW time turn on the radios and amps.
 I think its time to turn on the Radios Ands amps setup digital mode @ 433.5
Maybe even a Beacon there would work point them all at Wal-Mart. Then
they'll change there freq away from the amateur bands. Since we can 1500 pep
for digital mode low power for beacons we need to all band together on this.

Kevin Adam
1239 W. Till Road
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46825-2145
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I think this thread may belong on the so I
have copied it there.

That said, one wonders if operating 440 in WalMart might set off
the inventory alarm systems?  Depending on how well their systems
are made might FRS/GMRS units get into them, and perhaps
even harmonics from a MURS or 2m HT in close proximity to an
unidentified wireless inventory security system receiver?

An annoying 2m kerchunker operating from inside a WalMart might
find himself causing an even more annoying bleep, bleep, bleep!
inventory alarm in response!

Giggle ... doc

Jim Rhodes wrote:

These are also coming soon to a Wal-Mart near you. They are asking their suppliers to include them in shelf packs to do inventory control at the store level.
Re: [TowerTalk] Air Force RFI in Florida


Yup! That is the system.

I hope there aren't a lot of hams operating digital in those areas.

Roger Halstead (K8RI, EN73 & ARRL Life Member)
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