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Subject: [TowerTalk] Pier Pin
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Date: Sun, 23 May 2004 10:44:28 -0500
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I have 110' of Rohn 55 sitting on a pier pin. It is a nice install. As Steve
said, it takes only  a few minutes to drill out the hole for the pin. I see
no need to epoxy it into the hole, it is not going anywhere. One important
thing is to leave 6 inches or so of it "out" of the hole should the tower
ever kick up and try to jump off the pin. My installer's brother was killed
on a tower that did just that, jumped off of the pin when they were taking a
large tower down. So, when we put it in, the "out" part was just as
important to him as what was in the concrete. This tower is fully loaded and
so far never a problem. Note that I did use the Rohn pier pin assembly
including the bottom plate and Rohn pin. 73, Tommy WD4K


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