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[TowerTalk] Question: I-Beams as Guy Anchors

Subject: [TowerTalk] Question: I-Beams as Guy Anchors
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 05:55:37 -0400
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Good Day to You All.

I am attempting to erect 120' of Rohn 45g and have limited area for
guying.  I can guy at a point 96' from the base of the tower, and that places
me at the property line.  I would like to use I-beams if I can and guy about
five or six feet above ground.  I live in NE Tennessee, and according to Rohn,
I live in wind area "A."  Can anyone provide guidance and instruction  into the
proper procedure that would insure a safe installation?  Is there a reference
that will provide data as far as size of hole, size of I-beam, and amount of
concrete?  Any knowledgable expertise would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the bandwidth, and have a great day!

Dennis Brickey N4DD 

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